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      Welcome to the official website of ZHEJIANG JIANGXIN ELECTROMECHANICAL CO., LTD

      Established in 1995, ZHEJIANG JIANGXIN ELECTROMECHANICAL CO., LTD. is the governing unit of China Forging Association and one of the member units of China Forging Technical Standards. The company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO_TS 16949:2002 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system, GB/T 28001:2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The company has been awarded the titles of "Provincial Technology Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Zhejiang Province's Most Growing Enterprise" and "Zhejiang Green Enterprise".

      The company covers an area of 56,000 square meters and has CNC processing center; FP600 hot die forging, J55 high-energy screw press 1000T, 1600T; EPC1000T, EPC1600T and other advanced main forging equipment, annual production capacity of more than 50,000 tons of forgings; the company also has a tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, SPECTRD spectrometer, Rockwell hardness tester, metallographic. Microscope, GLOBAL CLASSIC coordinate measuring instrument, video projector and other detection equipment, with precise means and rigorous procedures to ensure product quality.

      Over the past 20 years, Jiangxin Company has been adhering to the management concept of "forging the future with science and technology, reflecting achievements in quality", continuously improving and making innovations. It has become a well-known supplier of precision die forgings for automobile, motorcycle engine, general fuel engine, construction machinery and other industries, and its products are well received in China. Foreign customers are welcome and become excellent suppliers of internationally renowned enterprises.
      • Year

        Focus on Forging Industry for 33 Years

      • Staff

        Gathering people from Kyushu and bringing in talented people from all over the world

      • Square

        Large-scale enterprises with strong strength

      Technology leading, continuous improvement

      The company keeps pace with the times, and has formed 38 specialized production lines with J55 series high-energy screw press, FP series hot die forging press, J53 series friction press as the main forging equipment. Medium frequency furnace induction heating technology is adopted for billet heating, equipped with full-automatic roll forging machine, cross wedge rolling mechanism billet, and RCW series mesh belt furnace as the main heat treatment equipment to ensure the mechanical properties and organization of forgings.

      Manufacturing leads the trend

      CAD / CAM technology is used in mold design and manufacturing, vacuum furnace is used in mold heat treatment, and NC EDM is used to ensure the dimensional accuracy and assembly accuracy of mold cavity

      Professional design, quality first

      The company is equipped with spectrd direct reading spectrometer, metallographic microscope, three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine and other physical and chemical testing equipment to ensure that the production process of the product is controlled and implemented according to the quality management system procedure documents

      Customer first, quality first

      "Customer first, quality first" is our philosophy of sustainable operation, providing high quality, high efficiency, high enthusiasm service is our unswerving goal, thanks to the love of our customers, Jiangxin people will do their best to provide a solid foundation for many customers at home and abroad.

      Our products

      The birth of every product is the experience of heart. Every process, every link, is from the high standard of technology, high-quality staff. We make every product with our heart!